Are you preparing for the SAT, PSAT, ACT, GED, graduate school exam, or a licensing test?

October 31, 2011

Free with your library card, LearningExpressLibrary has the practice tests and ebook preparation you need!  It has online test preparation courses for all levels, as well as ebooks for further study. Click for access, or find it on our Databases list under Education/Test Preparation.

Also included in the database are skills improvement courses (reading, vocabulary, math, science, and more) for everyone from elementary school students to adults looking for a job.  There are study materials for passing the Citizenship Test as well as help in interviewing and creating a resume.

LearningExpress Library
Home access for this database is available only to Newton residents with a Newton library card number beginning 21323.

New in the LearningExpressLibrary Database:

New eBooks:

  • ACT Power Practice
  • ACT Word Game
  • EMT – Basic Exam, 5th Edition
  • Praxis, 4th edition


New Online and Updated Practice Exams:

  • ACT English Practice Test 3 & 4
  • ACT Math Practice Test 3 & 4
  • ACT Reading Practice Test 3 & 4
  • ACT Science Practice Test 3 & 4
  • ACT Writing Practice Test 3 & 4

Officer Candidate Tests Practice:

  • Arithmetic Reasoning
  • Aviation Information
  • Block Counting
  • General Science
  • Mathematics Knowledge
  • Mechanical Comprehension
  • Reading Skills
  • Rotated Blocks
  • Verbal Analogies
  • Word Knowledge

United States Constitution Review Series:

  • United States Constitution Review 1
  • United States Consitution Review 2
  • United States Constitution Review 3

New E-Books at LearningExpressLibrary

January 18, 2006

In addition to test preparation materials, our LearningExpress database now provides searchable E-books–online study guides and test-preparation books to help you prepare for high-stakes tests. Explore this collection by going to LearningExpressLibrary (LearnATest) ( Home Access In Library Access ). You will need to create a username and password to log in. After logging in, choose “E-books” from the subject categories.

Home access for this database is available only to Newton residents. Note: Because of the way LearningExpress configures access to their database, Newton residents whose library card barcode begins with a prefix other than 21323 will not have access to the LearningExpress database. As a Newton resident, if you would like to use this database, exchange your library card for a card with the 21323 Newton prefix at the Circulation desk. Please tell the Circulation staff you need a Newton card because you’d like access to LearningExpress.

Celebrating Martin Luther King and Black History Month

January 11, 2006

NewsBank’s Special Report focusing on Martin Luther King and Black History Month is now available, including articles, images, links to websites, and suggested search terms. Access the report here, or from our link to online NewsBank Newspapers ( Home Access In Library Access ), including the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and New York Times.

Celebrate Benjamin Franklin’s 300th Birthday

January 11, 2006

Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706. Use’s new Benjamin Franklin web portal to find out more: a comprehensive, one-stop site that includes carefully curated educational resources, Franklin’s own writings and proverbs, and tens of thousands of websites scattered throughout cyberspace.

Evaluate health, wellness, and nutrition products

January 4, 2006

Does your multivitamin or nutrition bar really contain what it says it does? What’s echinacea and which products are best? The ConsumerLab database can help! provides comprehensive information about vitamin, herbal and other supplements, and nutritional products. The site includes’s independent product evaluations, lists of quality-approved brands, product recalls, and safety warnings. A science-based encyclopedia of natural products is also provided, including a drug-interaction database. is not affiliated with manufacturers of health and nutrition products, and test samples used in product reviews are purchased independently.

This resource is available only in the library.

Maps, Pamphlets & Pictures

December 28, 2005

Planning a trip? The library has files full of state, country and regional maps you can borrow, as well as bicycle maps. Next to these are our pamphlet files, with booklets and other information on over 1000 topics. Need an illustration? Our picture files contain photos and illustrations of people, places, art, and a wide variety of other subjects. See the black notebooks on top of the file cabinets for lists of pamphlet and picture categories.

You can find these items in the large black file cabinets on the first floor, in the area near the rear stairs and rear elevator.

All the maps, pamphlets, and pictures may be checked out for 3 weeks. Circulation staff will put them in an envelope for you to take home.

The Year in Review, 2005

December 21, 2005

What were the big stories of 2005? See NewsBank’s new Special Report, “The Year in Review – 2005,” a collection comprised of 2005’s top stories on culture, politics, science, business, sports, etc. Includes Hurricane Katrina, the White Sox, Pope Benedict XVI, the Bird Flu and other headlines. Also included are background articles, pictures of major events and people, and suggested search terms to research stories from 2005.

Go to ” NewsBank Newspapers” (Home Access In Library Access), and choose Special Reports/The Year in Review – 2005.