New features for reading database articles

Gale’s Infotrac databases (Academic OneFile, General Reference Center, Science Resource Center, Health Reference Center, Literature Resource Center, etc.) have added new features to use when reading articles:

1)  Dictionary:  Highlight any word or phrase in an article, click “dictionary,” and your understanding increases!

2)  Audio:  No time to read?  Most articles can now be read to you by a charming automated voice!  You can even download these mp3 files for later listening (educational, noncommercial use only).  Many Fodor’s Guides are in the General OneFile database, for example.  Type “italy travel” in the search box and the “Books” tab will show 46 books.  Download one for listening on the plane!

3)  Translation:  Read your articles in 11 languages–yes, the results are machine-generated, and “in no way intended to replace human translation,” but it’s fun for learning new vocabulary!

4)  Social networking tools:  Share articles on Facebook, Twitter,, MySpace, and more.

Our article databases (Gale’s and others) can be found here.


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