Do you miss Rosetta Stone? Try TELL ME MORE!

Rosetta Stone no longer sells their product to libraries, but we now have a language learning program we hope you’ll like even better!  It’s called TELL ME MORE, from Auralog, and it offers instruction in Spanish, Latin American Spanish, English (ESL), French, German, Dutch and Italian. 

TELL ME MORE (Auralog)*   Home Access | In Library Access

TELL ME MORE features speech recognition and self-assessment, as well as cultural activities.  It includes separate courses so you can focus on everyday language or business language, with up to 10 levels and 2,000+ hours of content per language.

Please note:  TELL ME MORE requires Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Netscape and other browsers are not supported at this time. This database will not work with Apple computers.

Home access for this database is available only to Newton residents with a Newton library card number beginning 21323.

For technical information, click here.


2 Responses to Do you miss Rosetta Stone? Try TELL ME MORE!

  1. Ross Feldberg says:

    I am disappointed that once again you are investing in software that excludes a substantial fraction of the community (Apple computer users). As an individual I can’t exert a lot of influence on these content providers but if you set a policy as an institution that requires software be compatible with widely used browsers such as Firefox or Mozilla, then companies will learn they need to factor this into their development.
    If TellMeMore doesn’t have a projected schedule when their software will be compatible with other browsers, I suggest you start looking at other software options

    • I’ve forwarded your comment to our rep at Tell Me More. Although the company won’t provide support for it, I believe their software will work if you run Windows on your Apple computer; if we come up with any other options, I’ll let you know. Unfortunately there’s sometimes a tradeoff between a product with the features we want and its availability for everyone.

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