Get some consumer savvy!

Information is power, and we could all use some help in this economic climate.  So come to the Newton Free Library this Wednesday, December 17th at 7:00 p.m., when Deb Bloomberg from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston will help us learn more about money, banking, credit, and identity theft in a free interactive program called “Consumer Savvy.”  The program will be held in the auditorium.

The talk is a program of the Library’s Retirement Planning Club for Women, but you don’t need to be a member (or a woman) to attend.  Check out the Club page to get free email updates on future activities, and to use our regularly-updated collection of online retirement planning resources (including a monthly newsletter of new books purchased on retirement planning topics), investor education course modules, and retirement planning blog.  New members are always welcome!


One Response to Get some consumer savvy!

  1. Why aren’t banks secure?
    The whole idea behind keeping your money in a bank vs. in your mattress is that a bank is secure. The banks are FDIC insured for accounts up to $100,000.00 which is higher now due to the economy. The issue these days is that we are getting our identity stolen right at the bank. Here is an example below of one who had over 200 accounts opened up under his name and a huge amount of cash…yes I said cash taken out of his account without having to verify a valid ID.

    What is the answer? Do we keep our money in the mattress? Do we make the courts do something? Tell me your thoughts…..

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