Music for election night

Maybe someday we’ll have catchy McCain and Obama songs.  But for now, if you’d like to take take a historical approach to election night, our music database American Song (Home Access | In Library Access) has some interesting selections to listen to on your computer.  Much better than TV ads, “Winners & Losers: Campaign Songs from the Critical Elections in American History” (Vol. 1 & 2) has hits like “Get on the Raft with Taft,” “Row, Row, Row with Roosevelt,” and “Marseillaise for Tilden.”  There’s more on the albums “Election Songs of the United States,” and “Presidential Campaign Songs, 1796-1996.”

If you’d like to play the music yourself, the Library of Congress’s online Performing Arts Encyclopedia has sheet music for 29 pieces–click on “Presidential Campaign Songs” in the center column of the page.

And if you want still more patriotic music, the “Patriotic Melodies” collection from the Library of Congress will provide you with not just sheet music, but sound clips, history, bibliographies, and web links for popular tunes such as Yankee Doodle Boy, the Star Spangled Banner, and Fanfare for the Common Man.

And finally, do you want your rendition online for all to hear? wants you to sing a patriotic song in honor of election day!  (Words are provided.)


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