New magazines

We’ve got magazines of all kinds in our first floor periodical area–browse in our comfortable chairs or check them out for one week.  We’ve added these titles in the past few months:

American Photo

Autism Spectrum Quarterly is part high quality magazine with the substance and depth of a professional journal. Each issue features a line of research and commentary aimed at helping parents, teachers and clinicians to translate current research on autism into practice. There are also articles by, for, and about individuals and families with autism, book and product reviews, research reports, and contributions by professionals.

bp Magazine is a quarterly publication which is filled with articles by and about people who share the issues of living with bipolar disorder. Each issue contains hints on thriving, enjoying life, and eating well. There are pages of news, current information about research, and health tips for those living with bipolar, and recommendations for family members as well.

Brain, Child describes itself as the only literary magazine dedicated to motherhood. It was founded in 1999 and contributors have included Barbara Kingsolver, Susan Cheever, Jane Smiley, and Anne Tyler. Each quarterly issue celebrates the diversity of mothers and their styles with essays, fiction, and feature articles.

CR Magazine (“a magazine about people and progress in cancer”)

Cure: Cancer Updates, Research and Education

Easy English Times (an easy English newspaper for ESL & literacy students)

L’Express International (French language)

Geek Monthly

Home Power is a bi-monthly periodical that is here to help readers make informed decisions about energy use. Even if you are not a real do-it-yourselfer, there is product information anyone can use, with consumer advice, and homeowner testimonials. The focus is on small-scale solar, wind, hydro, biofuel, and other renewable energy systems.

Internet Genealogy is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to news and information for those interested in researching family history online. An increasing number of resources have become available electronically, and Internet Genealogy keeps readers up to date on the top tech toys for genealogists, Internet research techniques, and software and database reviews.


Model Railroader

Northern Woodlands

Outdoor Photographer contains articles geared to help readers capture the best wildlife, travel, and outdoor sports photography. Each monthly issue includes articles on the latest photography equipment and tips from a team of experts on landscape and nature camera work. This magazine is packed with great pictures and recommendations on the best photography locations.

Pink is published 7 times per year and presents career advice, inspiration and mentoring for female business executives. There was a recent feature on Kerrii Anderson, the CEO of Wendy’s, another on lobsterwoman and writer, Linda Greenlaw, plus a list of the top companies for women in business. Each issue has book reviews (Books in the Pink), a promotion of Pink Events, and Pink Ink (an editorial). As Diana Vreeland once said, pink is the navy blue of India.  Why Pink? Why not?

Seed is a bimonthly periodical that attempts to connect science with today’s society and culture in a unique, understandable style. Seed hopes to affect how its readers live, how they work, and how they feel about issues of the day. Stem cells, climate change, public health, DNA, and capital punishment have been recent topics.

Vokrug Svieta (Russian language)

Zhuan Ji Wen Xue (Chinese Biography Magazine)


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