More websites

More resources added to our list of useful websites: – Search classic poetry, fiction, non-fiction, quotations, and reference works
Books for You Service, list of recommended titles
Federal and State Caregiving Legislation – From the Family Caregiver Alliance 
Five Weeks to a Social Library– Web 2.0 information
GovTrack – Track Federal legislation and other activities of the U.S. House and Senate
Internet Archive Wayback Machine – Archived web pages dating back to 1996
Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation – Autos and Transportation – Auto-related consumer information for Mass. residents
New Requirements for Travelers – From the U.S. Department of State
OpenCongress – Information on Federal legislation 
Paper of Record – Browse worldwide archived newspapers (see a Reference Librarian to login when in the library)
Preparing, Protecting, Preserving Family Treasures – From the Library of Congress 
Retrevo – Product reviews and buying guides for consumer electronics
Science Research Portal – Web portal for searching science topics
Study Guide Zone – Free study guides for standardized tests

And on our Career Center page, Employment and Training Resources – Massachusetts One-Stop Career Centers


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